Implement a smarter energy strategy sooner.


The next 10 years will be an important transition period for the energy sector. As sustainable fuels (biofuels, synthetic fuels, hydrogen) become more readily available alongside fossil fuels, businesses need solutions that can adapt to the changing supply chain without disruption. Furthermore, a modern energy strategy must consider how the many available solutions will work together for the best real world result.

Our CAVIE™ modules are designed to meet customer needs today, adapt to a rapidly changing energy industry, and remain the best distributed power generation solution decades into the future. Our generators offer customers unprecedented fuel savings, better integration with modern renewables and hybrid systems, and fuel security.

Act now to make Intelline part of your energy strategy. We have limited spots remaining for early customer pilot projects. Pre-ordering an allocation of generator systems secures a priority place in line as we scale up production. Learn more below.

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  • Development and commissioning of an MLG system for your application.

  • Limited availability of pilot program systems, with deliveries beginning late 2022.

  • Up to 2 years of testing in application with dedicated service and support.

  • Program includes replacement of pilot units with production modules when available.

  • Priority allocation of production modules.



Pilot program slots still available. Talk to us today to discuss testing an MLG system in your application.


  • For a small deposit of $250 per module, you can secure an allocation of production modules.

  • Full scale production of MLG systems will begin in 2025.

  • Deliveries will begin with allocations for pilot program customers first, followed by pre-orders.



Don't miss out on the financial savings and fuel security of an MLG system for your power generation needs. Pre-order your allocation of modules today.


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Annual Fuel Savings: $7,107 - Payback: 2.1 years