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Dependable Power, 40% Less Fuel

The Intelline Modular Linear Generator (MLG) offers the dependable and safe power production you expect from diesel engines, in a revolutionary new package. With our patent pending 4-stroke opposed piston combustion chamber and reconfigurable linear motors, the MLG system uses up to 40% less fuel than current state of the art generators. Scalable to a wide range of industrial power needs, the MLG saves money and setup time, so you can focus on your operation.

1500 kW Power


Estimated Fuel Savings*

Simple, Reliable,


The MLG eliminates most of the complex moving parts found in traditional crankshaft engines. Not only does this make the engine more efficient, but also more reliable and less expensive to manufacture.


Our generator modules are designed to operate as standalone units, or joined together for higher power outputs. Designed with simple fastening locations and interconnects, adding generating capacity or removing modules is fast and convenient.

This flexibility allows you to expand capacity at any time. Furthermore, modules are intelligently connected, and actively work to match power output to the load. Individual modules automatically shut down during low load, and activate fast when full power is needed.

The Ultimate Power Solution.

The MLG design stands out in industrial use cases. Where dependable power is needed continuously or frequently, the fuel savings add up quickly.

Mining operations and defense industry applications are excellent use cases for this generator.

The MLG is a great choice for backup generator needs as well. From small cottage to commercial building backup, the MLG offers high reliability, no maintenance, and compact packaging.

*Fuel consumption compared with average modern diesel generators operating at 75% Load, for 12 hours/day, 250 work days per year. Average diesel price per liter in January 2020 used ($0.81/L). Additional savings from active load matching features not included in calculation. Actual savings may vary.



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