Modular Linear Generator (MLG)

Up to 40% less fuel consumption. How do we do it? 





Eliminate rotating component friction.

Opposed piston combustion chamber.

4-stroke combustion cycle.

Variable displacement and valve timing.

Lower parasitic losses.



Reconfigurable Linear Electric Motor (RLEM)

Our patent pending reconfigurable linear electric motors are what makes the MLG system possible. Combustion energy is converted to electricity via one dimensional motion of the shaft in the linear motor.

Unlike other linear motors, our reconfigurable geometry allows one standard motor segment to be manufactured, and joined with additional segments to achieve the desired generating capacity. This is critical for keeping the linear generator system affordable.

Our unique design includes efficient cooling features to mitigate hot spots in the motor, allowing it to reliably reach high power levels in a compact package.


Cryocooler System (CS)


Intelline was founded to create affordable cryocooler systems to enable superconductor applications to reach widespread commercial use.

Our CS series cryocoolers use our patent pending layered geometry cold head, which can be easily customized for a range of cooling temperatures below -200°C.

To power our cryocoolers, we developed the reconfigurable linear electric motor (RLEM) to make linear compressors affordable and easily scalable. Our knowledge in developing for the extreme environment and maintenance free requirements of cryocooler systems carries over to our MLG technology, for impressive efficiency and reliability.

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